Morphological Standard        Care and feeding

This is a dog specialised in finding truffles on any type of ground whatever, the only breed recognised as having this ability. It is an ancient breed for retrieving from water, known from the 16th Century in the Comacchio valleys and the Ravenna lagoons, which became widely distributed as from the 19th Century in the plains and hills of Romagna with the specific role of truffle hound. It is a typical aquatic dog, medium to small in size, mesomorphic and square built; its general appearance is stout, strong and well proportioned, making its capability for the job apparent. Its expression is attentive, intelligent and lively. While working it displays passion and efficiency, exploiting its innate ability for the search and its excellent sense of smell. The instinct for the chase has been eliminated, so that it is not distracted by game. It is affectionate and strongly attached to its master, making it also an excellent companion dog; it is highly trainable.